Agreen that isn't just green, but red and yellow, pink and white, too. Chard is related to beets and tastes like a milder version of the earthy-sweet root. It grows best in spring and fall and, if carefully harvested, will keep producing leaves for weeks. Chard can be steamed or sautéed, and makes a great addition to soups, stews, casseroles, frittatas, and more. A helpful tip: the stalks need more cooking time; separate them from the leaves, chop them, and add them to the pot or pan to grow tender before adding the greens.


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Rainbow Chard

Certified Organic

Easy to grow, ornamental, and nutritious.

from $3.99

Rhubarb Chard

Certified Organic

One of the prettiest greens you can plant.

from $3.99

Silverado Chard

Our favorite green chard.

from $3.49