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Botanist Carl Linneaus named the zinnia after J.G. Zinn, a German scientist who created the first detailed anatomy of the human eye. These prolific bloomers—some colored in warm pastels, others in neon glows, and beloved by butterflies—are a perfect way to honor anyone's work with vision. Zinnias are easy to grow and self-sow, so they'll catch your eye year after year.


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Classic Zinnia

Cute, bright, star-shaped flowers on compact plants.

from $4.39

Dahlia Zinnia

Attracts birds, bees, and humans alike.

from $3.49

Gift Zinnia

Certified Organic

These striking red blooms make perfect presents.

from $3.99

Luminosa Zinnia

Pink hue makes a very sweet statement.

from $3.49

Persian Carpet Zinnia

Compact plants with burnished, ringed petals.

from $3.49

Polar Bear Zinnia

Certified Organic

Creamy white blooms make other colors pop.

from $3.99

Pumila Mix Zinnia

Perfect & compact double blooms make great cut flowers.

from $3.49

Queen Lime Orange Zinnia

Double and semi-double orange blooms with green center.

from $5.39

State Fair Zinnia

A mix of red, pink, purple, yellow and orange.

from $3.99

Out of Stock
Queen Lime Blush Zinnia vendor-unknown Queen Lime Blush Zinnia vendor-unknown

Queen Lime Blush Zinnia

Bright lime green to soft pink double blooms.

from $5.39