As an herb, you may know this flower as Echinacea (from the Greek word for see urchin, which its spiny seed head earned it). As an ornamental, you may have heard it called coneflower. It's hard to choose between its powerful immune-supporting properties and its perky blooms, so be sure to plant plenty!


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Bird Lover's Wildflower Mix Seed Shaker


Eastern Pollinator Mix

Create a permanent pollinator habitat with this mix.

from $3.49


Certified Organic

A stately plant with drooping purple petals.

from $3.49

For the Birds Flower Mix

Flowers for you, seeds for the birds.


Northeast Native Wildflower Seed Mix

Scatter these seeds wherever you want beauty.

from $3.79

Shady Meadow Mix

Brimming with varieties that do well without sun.

from $3.49