Melons are the geodes of the garden: dig them out of the great green leaves and vines and carry them—carefully!—to the kitchen to unlock the fantastic bright treasure that nature created. Luckily, melons form much quicker than gems and are far less rare. Just sow a few melon seeds like you would cucumbers or squash. Choose early and late season varieties to keep your trove chock-full.


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Banana Melon

Certified Organic

Giant banana shape, subtle papaya-like texture and flavor.

from $3.49

Green Skin Bitter Melon

A delicious gourd with health benefits!

from $4.39

Jenny Lind Melon

Certified Organic

Well-suited to the Northeast.

from $3.49

Minnesota Mini Melon

Certified Organic

An extra-early producer, the vines grow many small melons

from $3.99

Painted Serpent Cucumber

Certified Organic

AKA Armenian Cucumber. Heat-tolerant, bitterness free.

from $3.39

Pride of Wisconsin Melon

A sweet and juicy muskmelon with top-notch flavor!

from $3.49

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Iroquois Cantaloupe vendor-unknown

Iroquois Cantaloupe

Certified Organic

Meltingly delicious sweet orange flesh.

from $3.49