Garlic is a culinary staple, and for good reason: found in cuisines spanning the globe, garlic brings an inimitable depth of flavor to savory dishes. Shallots, while lesser known, have a spicy-sweet umami flavor that's just as satisfying. Garlic and shallots are sown in late fall. They use every winter warm spell to set root, then grow fast in spring to be ready for harvest in early summer. Our Certified Organic seed garlic and shallot stock is selected from the largest heads of the harvest, and inspected to be free of disease. For growing tips on growing and harvesting homegrown garlic, visit our Grow-How: Garlic Guide.

Garlic and Shallots

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Hardneck Garlic Variety Pack

Certified Organic

Try a bit of the three hardneck garlics we offer.

from $28.95

Chesnok Red Hardneck Garlic

Certified Organic

The most beautiful garlic you'll ever see.

from $25.95

German Extra Hardy Hardneck Garlic

Certified Organic

Excellent keeper, store for up to six months.

from $26.95

Music Hardneck Garlic

Certified Organic

Porcelain variety of garlic.

from $26.95

Early Red Italian Softneck Garlic

Certified Organic

A mild, sweet, and creamy softneck producing generous bulbs.

from $26.99

Dutch Red Shallot

Certified Organic

Easy to grow allium

from $12.99

French Grey Shallot

Certified Organic

Try growing these sought after delicacies for yourself

from $16.99