In Greek, Dianthus is translated as “heavenly flower” or “flower of Zeus.” These understated, softly fragrant blooms add elegance to rock gardens, containers, and borders. Imagine them growing along the rocky cliffs of Mount Olympus! Most Dianthus are classified as herbaceous perennials, although some are annuals or biennials; pick a spot with well-draining soil and at least six hours of sun and they will thrive.


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Edible Flower Mix

Flowers are nature’s most intricate candies.


Goth Garden Flower Mix

A fascinating mix of dark, intricately-shaped flowers


Sweet William Dianthus

Scented pinks for borders and cutting gardens.

from $3.99

Velvet n Lace Dianthus

Certified Organic

Velvety clove-scented blooms. 

from $4.39