"Ihave chosen a noble plant in order to recall your merits," said Carolus Linnaeus in his dedication of Rudbeckia to his patron, Olof Rudbeck the Younger. Noble indeed! These relatives of daisies, asters, and echinacea have proud, open yellow faces and long spiraling leaves. They're hardy perennials that can be direct sown any time of the year or started indoors in late winter or early spring.



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Campfire Rudbeckia

Certified Organic

Vigorous bright-ember blooms. 

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Caramel Mix Rudbeckia Caramel Mix Rudbeckia

Caramel Mix Rudbeckia

A wildflower with elegant and understated hues.

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Northeast Native Wildflower Seed Mix

Scatter these seeds wherever you want beauty.

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