Seeds and Pollinators Bandana

Useful garden fabric—and fashion statement with a pro-gardening vibe.

Simultaneously a towel, sweatband, sun protection, and handkerchief, a bandana is a steadfast garden friend: colorful, comforting, and there when you need it. Now you can demonstrate your dedication to pollinators and the plants that support them by donning our take on the classic form.

Available in three colorways, this 22"x22" bandana features glorious art by Kill Joy that celebrates pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, as well as the seeds of plants that attract them, including calendula and sunflowers. The fabric is 100% US-grown cotton, and the printing and production were done in the USA with water-based inks. They come packaged in compostable plastic sleeves.

Keep plants and pollinators top of mind—and dazzle your garden-loving friends—by sporting this bandana as you cultivate, trellis, and harvest your way through the gardening season. Or, wear it out and about and let the world know that gardening is your passion!

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Kill Joy's work is grounded in honoring the earth and seeking  environmental and social justice. Her work is an interpretation of world  mythology and a study of ancient symbols. She integrates story telling with calls to global, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual awareness and action.

Kill Joy's family is originally from and partly based in the archipelago known as the Philippines and partly on Atakapa-Ishak, Coahuiltecan, Karankawa and Sana land, referred to as Texas. Her work sits at the intersection where jungle meets desert. To learn more about her work, check out her website here.

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