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Starting as unassuming tubers or tiny seeds, dahlias are your wildest flower fantasies come true. Their colors range from the subtle to the brilliant, and they can take forms of perfect symmetry or free frilly shapes. With just a spot of sun, some moderately fertile soil, and supplemental water when it's dry, you can be dazzled daily by our expanded dahlia collection. Dahlia tubers ship from mid-April through early May.

If you purchase seeds and dahlia tubers at the same time, you will receive two shipments—a prompt shipment of seeds and a separate shipment of tubers—and the shipping fees shown at checkout will take this second delivery into account. This product does not ship internationally.

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Would you like to know more about how to plant and care for Dahlias? See our Dahlia Growing and Care Guide! Also, check out this blog post, Grower Profile: Stars of the Meadow,  for some great tips from ex-HVSC staffer and friend of the farm Marybeth Wehrung on how to keep your Dahlias healthy. 

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