Chikamasa B-500SL Scissors

Excellent for thinning, pruning, and other fine work.

The Chikamasa Scissors (B-500SL) are fantastic for trimming and shaping the growing tips of plants, with slightly angled blades that give precise cuts even in crowded zones of plant growth. Great for microgreens, thinning fruits, thinning carrots and other direct-sown crops, and training houseplants. These offer a low-resistance cut with a lot of precision and no spring action. The scissors are marked in 1-centimeter increments (from 3cm from the tip to 13cm from the tip) to help keep your pruning and trimming consistent. Scissors are 6" in length and 3.25" in width at their widest part. Note that the finger holes are well suited to hands that range from small to medium-large in size, but those gardeners with particularly large fingers may not find these scissors to be the best fit. No handedness to these scissors, so they work well for both righties and lefties.


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